Frequently asked questions

  • When someone dies, the death needs to be registered, usually within five days of the person death. You can find more information about registering a death in Coventry.

  • Doctor’s fees are included in all packages when required.

  • Yes, you have the right to change your mind, even if a local funeral director has already brought your loved one into their care. Just tell the funeral director that you want to instruct Coventry Funeral Service to take over. You may be required to pay for the care they have delivered so far. We will work with the funeral director for a smooth and professional transfer of care.

  • All our funeral package cremations are carried out locally at Canley Crematorium.

  • You can attend the Attended Direct Funeral and Traditional Funeral options but are unable to attend the unattended direct funeral option.

  • No, once we have taken your loved one into our care, the direct nature of the service we provide means there is no opportunity for chapel of rest viewing.

  • There is an option to have the funeral leave from a local address of your choosing with the traditional package and we also offer a chauffeured limousine at an additional cost. 

  • We provide the cremation and burial services with or without any religious content.

  • Your loved one will be dressed in a simple gown for the direct funeral services, but you have the option to supply your loved one’s own clothes when choosing the Traditional Funeral Service.

  • Yes, we can provide a larger coffin.

  • We accept payment by debit or credit card over the phone, cheque or BACS transfer.

    Payment will be asked for upon formation of the contract.

    However, time may be permitted without payment being taken while a DWP Funeral Expenses Payment claim is being processed. In addition, or where possible, assistance may be available to allow payments over a period of between 3-12 months.

    Final account invoices will be sent out one business day following the funeral. The invoice is due for payment within 30 calendar days unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.

  • We can provide burial services options.

  • Funeral costs worry many people, however, there are various ways you can keep costs down and sources of funding you can explore to possibly get the help you need.

    • money from the deceased person's estate
    • government support and the Department of Work and Pensions (Funeral Expenses Payment)
    • grants from work-related charities & organisations
    • charities (non-work related)
    • crowdfunding

    For more information call 024 7697 7702 and talk to one of the experienced funeral service staff.